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groundbreaking DNA test will change the way you think about fitness and nutrition forever.

Using a DNAFit test will allow StrongLiving PT to design a bespoke fitness programme that will get the best results possible from your fitness future regime.

Testing is performed via swob test (StrongLiving PT supply the tests) which once completed are sent to the DNAFit laboratories for them to analyse. A breakdown of your results will then be sent out. I then analyse this further, putting together a sustainable and easy to follow fitness and/or nutrition plan together for you to take away during a consultation (£20 per hour). 

You’re not the same as everybody else, so why follow everybody else’s diet?

Diet Professional: £179

Includes all data breakdown including vitamins, anti-oxidants, detoxification and allergy needs.

Improve your dietary intake by better understanding your genetic response to food and nutrients, to help achieve your body goals.

Fitness Diet Pro 360: £149

Includes the above Diet Professional package and Fitness data, such as; your aerobic and power ability, injury level, recovery rate and recovery nutritional needs.