Our Social World - 'live in the NOW!'

An 80s girl who was blown away by my sister's brand new bright blue Nokia mobile phone. The coolest kid on the block. Two years junior a mobile phone was not in my reach. I couldn't contain the excitement of the thought of one day owning one. The day came, I shrieked! ”How do I word this sis?", "Should I include grammar?", "Nah jus say how it dis". I was one of the cool kids, but still such a novice!

Into the social world I go.....

Having seen how this digital world has fast tracked through the eyes of teenagers I work with in further education (16-19 year olds), there are many reasons to suggest we are becoming more consumed in our own bubble. A bubble of online friends, stimulating videos, so called inspiring role models, and comparisons that escalate unnecessary anxiety within us. We've never been so busy. Is this generation falling into the trap of an isolated media driven cloud?

Walking head down for a purpose, watching the clock, ticking off tasks — completing a productive day. 

Strolling along, watching the waves crash in, deep breaths of fresh sea air, wishing passers by good morning — an enjoyable day.

Two different lives.

I sit back in my chair on a South West Train to Waterloo, admire the countryside, my eyes glance to the time. Only 30 minutes of this journey left! Lets crack on, the devil and angel yet again battling. These two have a dance off every day, and at least five times a day, why? What are we worried or stressed about? Is this insignificant? Probably. 

I'm just a Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist and Sports Lecturer, no rad business idea or earning mega bucks, why do I earn the right to blog?


I'm a supporter, a healer and teacher, wanting to educate the young generation to 'Mind the gap' and to avoid falling into a self consumed world.

'See your life through happy eyes and a happy life will follow'.

My inspiration for this blog came from finding meditation at Boddhisattva Buddist Centre, Brighton (I won't preach!), and taking time to appreciate 'living the now'. Give yourself balance, it's hard to achieve and effort is needed, but your body and mind will thank you!

Win the battle.

Live life .