Kim's "no excuse" Journey

Strongliving Personal Training has now reached its first birthday this year (where has that time gone!), so what better way to celebrate than reflecting on my journey and my clients.

So, Day one a very exciting day and I'm keen to get stuck in. Introducing Kim, my first client and currently one of my longest clients to date. 

Kim's first photo starting out with StronglivingPT

Kim's lifestyle involved many long haul trips to America (not so bad your thinking) and so found it very difficult to sustain a healthy balance in her lifestyle. Kim easily became consumed with excuses left, right and centre. But with weight and age being a driving factor, Kim soon realised that something had to change.

Kim (insert right; first day of training with SLPT) was first motivated by the idea of changing lifestyle by her work colleague. Her colleague had transformed not only her body but her lifestyle too. It had been a long journey but this was her life now, no going back. This got Kim thinking, 'If she can do it so can I!'. And from then on there has been no stopping Kim. So, Kim took the plunged and emailed Strongliving Personal Training.

The original goal was wanting to lose weight quickly and not expecting to have to purchase more than 2 blocks of Personal Training sessions, but soon enough learnt this will never be a short term fix. With a individualised training programme, progression's every 4 weeks and a tailored nutritional plan we were off to a flying start. Every month small changes occurred, this never disheartened Kim as ultimately this would all soon add up. 

After a few months of training Kim's frame of mind changed. Kim realised that this journey is no longer about numbers, it is about strength both body and mind. This soon became the biggest motivator. Kim's mentality soon changed, taking control of her fitness lifestyle as a number priority. We were now a team, smashing every session and making every rep count. A new found confidence became very apparent in Kim. Her strong posture, never without a smile and go get it attitude was now an everyday occurrence. Kim, a strong woman, who believes in herself, wanted to share this story to motivate and encourage but also lend reassurance and comfort in a long term behaviour change journey to others.

Kim's body is now representing strength with toned arms, that are quite often flexed (and why not - appreciate those muscles!), running faster than ever, and currently conquering frog stands. External evidence is clear but what is just as important to Kim is the internal progression too.



Prior to joining Strongliving Personal Training Kim took part in an annual health assessment at Nuffield Health. Here, the consultants analysed a range of measurements including; posture, nutrition, cardio function, lung function, body fat %, cholesterol, blood pressure and waist circumference. The initial results were not good. This shocked Kim and knew a change had to come. Kim brought her result's when we met recently and couldn't be any happier with the difference that had been made. With almost all areas in the green Kim knows there is still work to be done, but small changes all add up.


Kim reminds herself this hasn't been an easy journey so far, and one memory that is still very prevalent is Kim's 50th birthday. Now, 51 (she won't mind me saying that.) Kim looks back on this year as a different person, complete refusal of any photos apart from one (see below) on how special day, but one was made obligatory. The photo evidence demonstrates just how far Kim's journey has brought her. Not only the physical difference, the food choice, and the happiness in the smile, make the strong woman of today. These two photos are strong reminders and are stainless motivators. 

kims 50th birthday.jpg

Strongliving Personal Training sessions came to a grinding halt in April of 2017. Skateboarding lessons, a birthday gift for myself (a great idea at the time). However, skateboarding as a hobbie was short lived, ending in a tibial plateau fracture in the left knee. An immense blow to the business and clients. But Kim was not to be defeated. Home training workouts and targets were set religiously and reviewed each week. Kim conquered a set of ten on the full press up in my absence. This took true dedication and hard work.

The HIITster squad

The HIITster squad

Kim's most recent pic.png

Tomorrow we take on Hill sprints at the Bandstand in Southsea, never a complaint and no doubt Kim will bring her A game. Now with a DNAFit nutritional plan, personal training sessions twice a week, knowledge of self-training and a key member of the HIIT squad, Kim is set up for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle. A very proud personal Trainer!.


Kim's advice; "Don't think twice, there is no quick fix. Every small aspect soon adds up, be patient. And don't live by numbers, feel the difference".