MCT Coffee; Fuel your body, Focus your mind. Is it as good as they say?

Coffee time

I have always been a bit of a coffee fiend, the smell, the taste its an everyday addiction! But I soon realised coffee was no longer impacting my concentration levels and overall energy towards fitness gains. I started looking elsewhere….



Every year I visit Balance festival. I like to suss out the latest trends, new science and generally network my arse off. I stumbled across NUROCO coffee. I had just been reading into MCT (Medium chain Triglycerides) and its affects on energy, this is what NUROCO were introducing. I was instantly intrigued. The guys knew their stuff, talked me through the product ingredients, recipe and of course the science.

‘MCT oil is a fat that is transferred from the gut to liver to be used as energy more efficiently then any others. It has been proven to aid in weight loss and increase cardiovascular endurance.”

I love coffee and I need more energy so this product seems like a winning recipe. I have a delivery of 100 NUROCO coffee sachets, let the investigation begin.

I train 4-5 times a week which is a combination of aerobic endurance and anaerobic sprints (mainly running) with calisthenics and full body weight training. My main priority is my cardiovascular endurance as this aids my performance in netball.

Two weeks later…..


I have been taking one to two NUROCO sachets a day mainly first thing or briefly before training. My training regime has stayed the same. I have been recording my cardiovascular and resistance training carefully throughout the two weeks. My weight training has had little impact, however on the other hand my cardiovascular endurance is faster and stronger than ever. I have managed to cut time off my 5k pace and the anaerobic interval need less recovery. And even more recently I have just walked in the door buzzing from a spin session at Cycle City in Hove due to setting a new sprint PB of 160 RPM on, It’s blown my mind! Not only that I have lost 4lbs over the space of two weeks. Although not my priority it has still made an impact in that my body is now using fat for energy instead or storage.


I have personally benefitted from MCT oil. My body uses MCT very effectively and this has been confirmed by my DNAFit results. I therefore will absolutely continue to use NUROCO to help aid my performance and recovery. Bring it on! However, one thing I would suggest is an dairy alternative of the product, for allergy reasons and taste preference.

Coffee - NUROCCO

Reasonably priced, easily accessible product to take around with you and I give NUROCO coffee 8/10. This is a product to be used consistently over a minimum duration of two weeks for the body to benefit from the MCT.

Ill be back in month to tell you more….