What to expect from a Personal Trainer

Having been in the fitness industry for ten years now (eek!), I can safely say I've witnessed a complete diverse range of Personal trainers and training delivery methods.  I have assessed industry newcomers for 5 years and hope to think I trained them well. But do you know as a client what you should expect from your Personal trainer?.

The reason for me writing this blog has been inspired by current and previous clients. Working one to one you learn about previous experiences with other Personal Trainers. And I have to say some I am horrified by. This industry is unregulated increasing the risk of qualified PT's not following a professional code of conduct, and this scares me (alot!). Clients and those who are considering investing in a Personal trainer I want to make you aware of what you should expect.

Teach exercises well

The fitness industry is an ever evolving and exciting place to be. I never resent my early wake up calls or late night sessions, I am passionate and very lucky to have found the job I love. The reason why, exercise is the best drug ever invented. Exercise makes the body release endorphins (feel good hormones) and motivates you in all directions psychological enabling you to feel on top of the world. Although you know the next hour of training will include a lot of sweat, pain and hopefully no tears!, its still all worth it in the long term.

Safety first...

Horror stories are mounting from previous and current clients experience with Personal Trainers, let's get something right. Training clients is a highly risky business because exercises and intensity are chosen by the PT, and in most circumstances these are well within the clients ability and comfort zone, however, this isn't always the case. Safety comes first in all aspects of the term. Trainers begin the session basic especially within the first week, it doesn't have to be all guns blazing, the clients need to feel good and leave the session with a sense of achievement. I believe this can almost be the heart of the problem, it doesn't always have to be about intensity within the sessions, lets learn about the body, how it moves and its ability prior to earning serious gains. Clients, if you feel at all uncomfortable don't be scared to voice your opinion, this is all about you!


A new journey is about to start with a local PT, you have a goal to lose weight (realistic) in time for your wedding in August. The goal is time bound and easy to track. And this is key, your progression should be tracked! Without a method of tracking how is the progression monitored?. So, ensure you know how your fitness and/or body stats are progressing, then you can ask yourself is this training programme effective.

Personal Training at Coastguard studio

Fun and effective...

The first session is approaching and some forms of anxiety kick in, and this is totally normal. You are starting something new and maybe unknown, give yourself a break. The PT will make the  environment safe and more importantly clients comfortable. 'What was all the fuss about, I feel great!'. The session is laid out prior to starting so clients you know what your getting yourself in for. But before starting the session a check in should take place, questions such as; "have you eaten in the last 30 minutes?', "how did you feel after last session?", "do you have any niggles or pains?", "Is there anything about the session today you don't feel comfortable about doing (if new to them)?". This gives a great level of understanding to the PT on how to deliver and adjust (if necessary) the session. I've just come back from training my client on Castlefield (a hub for Personal Trainers) and again left feeling frustrated by surrounding PT's behaviour. My client couldn't believe what she was seeing. You don't need to settle for this. Personal trainers shouldn't be sitting on the job, not performing demonstrations of exercises or spending most of the time talking about their week/weekend. Clients, you are paying money for a safe effective training session, ask yourself is this session worth it?.

Big up the Personal Trainers...

I'm not going to lie its a tough industry to be involved with, now more than ever so hats off to all those influential PT's out there. I regularly get involved with fitness conventions and I can confidently say I am always inspired by professionals enthusiasm and passion for the industry. Personal trainers have to love what they do. I know there isn't much to not love, but in some cases its pretty obvious. The value of a Personal Trainer will never die, external motivators will always push you harder.

I continue to grow love for my job and I want this to come across in my work. This should generally show, passionate PT's will support you and enable to gain results. The fitness journey is aimed at becoming your lifestyle. There's no quick and easy fixes to be found. Be prepared for it to take time but last a lifetime, and enjoy a new and healthy life!

HIIT class