Top Nutritional tips for holiday

It's an exciting time of the year. The sun is making an appearance and holidays are soon approaching. Holidays are all about relaxing and enjoying yourself of course!, but there can be a challenge to keep up with your day to day nutrition. Hence the reason for this blog. I have come up with many easy and simple ways to keep up your dose, sustaining your 100%.

Take your supplements

Love Life Supplements

Love Life Supplements

Many of us need these to sustain our levels of vitamins and minerals but can take up a necessary space for holiday goodies. Using a pill box is a good send. Just take out the necessary amount and place them in this flat easy to pack box. The boxes are flat and easy to pack. With the vast range of staple foods that are served and available on holiday it can be difficult to prevent gluten, dairy and wheat intake. I find this a big bug bare on holidays, so I tend to take aloe vera and lactose digestive enzymes to help with the digestive system, preventing bloating and lack of energy.

Source out places to eat

If your anything like me I love checking out all the good place stop eat in my Lonely planet book in advance. This is a great way to seek healthy restaurants and plan your meals ahead, avoiding bad last minute decisions.

Keep snacks


When travelling long distances against the clock it can be difficult to manage your meals. Before heading off on your excursion bulk buy your snacks. Nuts and dried fruits are perfect especially if your facing a trek like me last week. This was by far the best idea prior to a 3 day trek in the Atlas Mountains. Each day was a 5-6 hour climb through the mountains, the snacks kept my energy up with a jab of sugar dose and salt intake was managed by the roasted salted almonds. I would have seriously struggled without these!

MyFitness Pal

This has become my best friend and many of my clients. Tracking foods enables you to become aware of nutritional content and portion control. It definitely opens your eyes to what your eating.  Download the app (if you haven't already done so) before you go on holiday. Once you have completed your food have a quick scan of the foods. You can scan ahead too, helping to avoid bad last minute decisions

Self catering


If you have the option to board self catering then take it. This way your able to take control of your own food and drink. Set out each day with your meals and snacks. Opt for vodka and/or gin sprits if drinking alcohol Im not saying don't enjoy the luxury of restaurants but if you cook most days you will save on calories and money! Most air bob apartments now have a great range of kitchen ware, enabling you to keep up the nutritious smoothie and juices with the local fruit and veg.

Stay conscious

Your laying by the pool and attendants are offering you drinks left right and centre, having a great time! But this can be dangerous. Try to be conscious of your selection of cocktails. Sweeter the cocktail the higher the sugar content. If possible try to limit or avoid these. Opt for gin or vodka based with tonic or soda. These can still be fun. Drinks are most likely served with bar snacks, again be conscious. These snacks can be high in fat, sugar and salt. Try to opt for a low sugar alternative. Keep hydrated. When the feeling of hunger strikes this can be a sign for thirst. Have a heavy duty bottle you can take with you everywhere to ensure water on tap. I swear by my 'Rico Rich', a large steel bottle easy to carry and was a saviour on the Trek. Take your time to eat and drink, this enables your body to break down the foods more efficiently.


Lets not forget this is a time to unwind and relax. So enjoy yourself but don't lose yourself!