Shelley’s tips for cutting calories and losing weight

It’s that time of the year when everyone in Portsmouth begins flocking to the beach in their bikinis and swimming trunks when the sun occasionally shows its face, so naturally, we’re all thinking about looking good in our swimming gear! And that means diet fads are hitting their annual fever pitch.

Avoid the trends — instead, adopt these tips into your routine to cut our unnecessary calories.

Go black and don’t look back!

If you’re a coffee lover like me, there’s no need to cut it out completely — just do a simple swop. A standard latte and cappuccino can contain up to 250 calories, whilst a standard black Americana only contains 40 calories — that’s a huge saving!

If you find it hard cutting out the lattes, treat it as a dessert after dinner or a midday treat two or three times a week.

More veg, less fruit:

Though fruits are the healthier option when it comes to sugars, they still contain a lot of fructose, sending your blood sugar through the roof. That equates to calories. Swop your satsumas/bananas/apples for chopped carrots/cucumber/celery — a great alternative to save calories.

Go oaty

Oats contain more protein than wheat, bread, and starch, and thus, they contain less sugar. Make an oat alternative to all things where possible. Avoid the extra sugar and keep the hunger locked up for longer.

Less cream = fulfilled dreams

Ah, a dish full of healthy ingredients, with room on the side for the creamy dressing! Well, think again — dressings can include over 200 calories (mostly saturated fat). That doesn’t mean your dish needs to be bland — choose the salsa/balsamic vinegar dressing with no cream. You’ll enjoy it so much more, in the short-term and the long-term!

H2Ooohhh yes!

Mornings call for a smooth Nutri-Bullet shake filled with various fruits, protein powder, and milk — this can actually add to your daily calorie intake quite significantly. Choose a single protein powder product such as hemp or pea protein.

Adding water instead of milk will save you using a lot of calories. Throw in just one type of fruit and one type of vegetable (ideally spinach or kale). You’ll be cutting your calories for your breakfast shake in half.

Use your hands to portion

Eating nuts as a snack is a good idea, but eating whole packets of nuts isn’t so ideal. Very calorific. Measure out nut portions as handfuls, and go with almonds/pine nuts/soya nuts. Snack on a sensible amount throughout the day.


Preparation is key to avoiding unnecessary calories. Always remember that it’s not about completely depriving yourself. It’s about finding balance and moderation for long-term benefits. A treat is never bad as a one-off!