"I always leave Shelley’s sessions feeling ten times more energetic and positive! Her sessions are hard work but she works hard to keep them fun and varied. Shelley is always friendly, upbeat, understanding and encouraging. I would definitely recommend Shelley to anyone".
"I had been thinking for some time to try to get a bit fitter so decided to take the plungeI discussed my requirements with Shelley.  I was very unsure how I would be able to achieve this as I had not joined a gym before.  She suggested that having a personal trainer would help me to achieve my goal. It has been a steep learning curve but one that I have not regretted.  I was very fortunate that Shelley was assigned as my personal trainer. She was really friendly, supportive and encouraging right from the start which was very important to me.  Shelley makes every session varied and challenging, encouraging me to attain a greater level of fitness at each session.  I have already noticed that I have much more energy generally and also even better, that my body shape is changing, particularly around the waistline area.  I know that I am not there yet but with continued effort and Shelley's support, I feel that I can improve my fitness levels to attain my goal. In conclusion, I would certainly recommend Shelley as a personal trainer on every level.
I could go on.....................!"
"Some of my most memorable workouts have been with Shelley. She's committed to making every session unique, effective and fun. She can turn any turn any outdoor or indoor space into a gym. Her creativity and technical knowledge means that every workout feels tailor made to me, my goals and ability. My strength, technique and overall fitness keeps on improving and she is such an inspiration to keep pushing myself!. Cant thank her enough. x".